Partnerships and Collaborations


a) Engabu Za Tooro is accredited to provide advisory services to UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee for Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This means standing admission to attend and observe all statutory
meetings of the organs of the 2003 UNESCO Convention and admission to Evaluation Body which assesses all nominations and programme proposals on intangible cultural heritage submitted by State Parties.

b) Since 2009, Engabu Za Tooro has been accredited to participate in observer capacity, in the Sessions of WIPO’s Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore which take place 4 times a year at WIPO headquarters in Geniva, Switzerland. The mandate of this committee is centred on developing an international instrument for protection of traditional knowledge and cultural expressions and Engabu Za Tooro represents indigenous communities. The accreditation has no time limit and no mechanism of appraising the participation. This WIPO committee may be dissolved or transform to something else after completing its mandate of establishing that instrument which now is in advanced stages.  There is no automatic funding from WIPO to facilitate participation in sessions, although a highly competitive fund exists for this purpose where an accredited organisation may apply but having minimal chances of succeeding.

c) Engabu Za Tooro is an Associate member of International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD) which has its secretariat in Montreal, Canada and is leading the efforts to establish Uganda Coalition for Cultural Diversity. Engabu Za Tooro, therefore represents Uganda in the Federation’s Congress that takes place every three years in different cities of the world.

d) Engabu Za Tooro is an official Uganda’s representative observer on International Council of Organizations for Folklore, Folk Art and Festivals (CIOFF) and working to establish Uganda National Network for folk groups and festivals for the Uganda to qualify for full membership to this international council. CIOFF has its Secretariat in Montreal, Canada.

e) Engabu Za Tooro is accredited to International Youth Federation (IYF) which helps the youth focused organizations to achieve excellence in Youth Programming. IYF has its headquarters in Gomel, Belarus.

f) Engabu Za Tooro is affiliated to International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP), a network of funding organizations of programmes on indigenous peoples and which has its Secretariat in San Francisco USA. In 2016, Engabu Za Tooro won a competition to be admitted to attend and address the conference of this network of international donors, as a case study of visionary programming for indigenous people’s issues.

g) The Executive Director of Engabu Za Tooro, Mr. Stephen Rwagweri is a member of Association for Critical Heritage Studies, an Association of International experts, researchers and scholars of culture and heritage and which has a major chapter and Secretariat at Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

h) Engabu Za Tooro is a member of Arterial Network which is the biggest Africa continental Network of arts and culture organizations and has its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa and chapters in 30 African countries including Uganda

i) Engabu Za Tooro is accredited to World Tourism Organisation, a UNITED NATIONS body with mandate of promoting responsible Tourism in the world.

j) Engabu Za Tooro is a member of International Society for Performing Arts, a global association of Executives and Directors of organizations involved in managing and developing performing art around the world. It has its
secretariat in New York, United States and organizes several capacity building and networking conferences per year.

k) Engabu Za Tooro is a member of Association of Women in Development, (AWID), an International network of Women Organisations which has its secretariat in Toronto, Canada and organizes global forum every three years.
l) Engabu Za Tooro is a member of International Music Council (IMC) which is the world’s largest network of organizations in the field of music and is in official partnership with UNESCO. IMC holds world conference every year and has a secretariat in Paris, France.

m) Engabu Za Tooro is a member of International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) which networks organizations involved in traditional music globally and organizes world conferences every year. ICTM is in official partnership with UNESCO and has secretariat in Vienna, Austria.

n) Engabu Za Tooro is a member of International Dance Council which is a global umbrella organization for all forms of dance and is in official partnership with UNESCO. IDC holds world conference every year and has secretariat in Paris, France.

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