Indigenous peoples and Cultural Rights Programme Area

Programme Goal;

Promotion of Cultural rights and expressions of indigenous peoples and minorities.

Programme Actions

  • Profiling communities of indigenous peoples and minorities which involve research and identification of particulars, brief history and problems of the community.
  • Prioritizing production and promotion of cultural expression of indigenous people and minorities.
  • Prioritizing development of cultural enterprises of indigenous peoples and minorities.
  • Advocacy against exclusion, discrimination and violation of cultural rights of indigenous peoples and minorities.
  • Documenting and exposing violations of cultural rights of indigenous peoples and minorities.
  • Facilitating accessibility to legal and administrative services in case of desire for redress against violations.

The current and Potential strategic partners

  1. Keepers of the Earth Fund.
  2. UN Voluntary fund on indigenous peoples.
  3. Netherlands Centre for Indigenous People (NCIV)
  4. Office of the U.N High commission for Human Rights.
  5. International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA).
  6. American Jewish World Service.
  7. Net work of indigenous organizations at WIPO.
  8. WIPO’s Voluntary fund for participation of representatives of indigenous peoples’ organizations in the sessions of Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resource, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore.
  9. The office of the UN. Rapportaur on the Rights of Indigenous peoples.
  10. The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.
  11. Tebtebba (Indigenous people’s international centre for policy research and education)
  12. “The Indigenous World” An annual publication on the status of indigenous people around the world.
  13. International Funders for Indigenous Peoples(IFIP)
  14. Cultural Survival.

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