Development of Youth Talents and Cultural Enterprises Programme Area

  • Engabu Za Tooro
  • Development of Youth Talents and Cultural Enterprises Programme Area

Programme goal

Developing Youth talents and creative and cultural enterprises for selfreliance
and enhancing a sense of identity.

Programme Actions

  • Identifying talents and mapping cultural enterprises.
  • Capacity needs assess among practitioners.
  • Entrepreneurship and skills training for different Arts disciplines and cultural enterprises.
  • Training and promotion of Performing Art as a Business.
  • Mentorship, advice and promotion of Artists and creators.
  • Market development of Artistic and cultural products.
  • Research, recording and production of folklore.
  • Organizing and supporting artists, practitioners and creators to participate in local, national and international exhibitions, festivals and exchanges.
  • Facilitating artistic and cultural productions.

Permanent Projects under this Programme Area

i) (Engabu Za Tooro Cultural Troupe and a network of 16 partner Troupes in the country).

This Troupe researches on folk dances, music and poetry of Ugandan communities, produces them and performs them in the country and abroad for hired entertainment and participation in festivals. The Troupe coordinates, trains and supports other folk dance groups in the local region and partners with other Troupes across the country.

Through this Troupes’ programmes, Engabu Za Tooro is a Associate member of International Council of Organizations for Folklore, Folk Art and Festivals (CIOFF) and leading efforts to establish a national section for Uganda to become a full member of CIOFF. This international council facilitates organization of international festivals to take place in different countries around the world and supports participation of member folk groups from around the world.

Key Performance Indicators of this Troupe

  • Number of service contracts per year.
  • Amount of gross receipts on service contracts per year.
  • Number of school going members who receive bursaries from the Troupe’s common pool per year.
  • Number of special projects (performing on national events, international group missions, productions and hosting foreign groups) per year.

ii) Engabu Za Tooro Cultural Production

This is a group of artists who are groomed, mentored, facilitated and promoted by the programme. They are in disciplines like drama, comedy, music and dances. They train, write music, produce, perform locally and participate in national and international festivals and competitions for awards and accolades. The group has a Live Band system.

Key performance Indicators of this Cultural Production

  • Gross receipt on group service contracts per year.
  • Number of releases/productions per year.
  • Number of special projects/achievements (hosting a festival, participating in national/ international festivals, participating in national/international competitions, winning an award/accolade and being contracted for a big project.) in a year.

iii) Engabu Za Tooro Brass Band

This is a matching band which mainly recruits less advantaged young people to train them in music and skills of playing band instruments as a means of attracting educational support. Eventually they get scholarships to different educational institutions. The band performs on Social functions and in Public mobilizations activities by government institutions and NGOs across the western region of Uganda.

Key performance indicators of this Brass Band

  • Number of members who graduate to further studies per year.
  • Number of members who receive bursaries per year.
  • Number of new members recruited per year.
  • Amount of gross receipt on service contracts per year.

iv) Weekly Community Theatre (Cultural Evenings)

Reconstructing the popular traditional concept and practice of family evening recreation around the fire place, (Hakyooto mukairirizi) Engabu Za Tooro Cultural Troupe, since 2004 introduced a practice of weekly cultural evenings in Fort-Portal Town and later spread to many community centers in western Uganda. The central purpose of the evening is cultural education and entertainment where cultural practices, values and meaning is transmitted from the elderly and senior practitioners to the young ones through the medium of entertainment. The evening show features a variety of items including storytelling, poetry, folk dances, drama skits, elders commentaries etc. The practice attracted interests of many stakeholders like elders who are burning with desire
to share their cultural knowledge, the young ones who are searching for entertainment, tourists and hotel owners who see it as an opportunity to attract business. It induced the growth of folk performing groups in the region who partner with hotels and community centres to organize these weekly cultural evenings in community centres and Hotels.

Key performance indicators of this weekly show

  • Amount of gross gate collection per year.
  • Amount of special guests donations per year.
  • Average size of audience per show.

The current and Potential strategic partners

i) UNESCO’s International Fund for Cultural Diversity.

(ii) UNESCO’s International Fund for Promotion of Culture.

(iii) International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD)

(iv) Commonwealth Foundation.

(v) International Council of Organizations for Folklore, Folk Art and Festival. (CIOFF)

(vi) EU-ACP. Support programme.

(vii) The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation

(viii) Ford Foundation.

(ix) International Society for Performing Arts.

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