Culture and Tourism Programme Area

(Albertine Tourism Promotion Programme)

Programme Goal;

Promoting responsible tourism and mitigating against possible negative effects of Tourism on culture and identity in Uganda.

Programme Actions

  • Sensitizing the communities on the value of Tourism and how to mitigate against its possible negative cultural and social effects.
  • Training community based tourist operators and guides and education on the internationally established code of Ethics for responsible tourism.
  • Prescribing and availing effective information on cultural and natural tourist attractions in Albertine rift region of Uganda.

The current and Potential Strategic Partners

  1. Uganda Tourism Board.
  2. N World Tourism Organisation.
  3. World Tourism Network on Child Protection.
  4. International Institute for peace through Tourism
  5. Airline Ambassadors’ International.
  6. Friends International – Child Safety Network.
  7. International Organisaiton of Social Tourism.
  8. World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.
  9. International Coalition of Tourism Partners.

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