Culture and Peace Programme

“We lost our Ancestral grazing land to National Parks, we lost our cattle to starvation and epidemics, we lost our children to industrial labour, but we have remained with our ancestral Koogere story”. Resilient Basongora Indigenous Women supported by Engabu Za Toro programme, entertain themselves with traditional poetry (Enanga)

Programme Goal

Using Cultural heritage to promote a culture of Peace among communities.

Programme Actions

  • Research on the role of cultural differences in propagating ethnic and racial based conflicts.
  • Identification and promotion of traditional and cultural practices and mechanisms that promote a culture of peace and conflict resolution among communities.
  • Using Empaako heritage, which is a rich traditional mechanism for conflict resolution, peace building and social integration and is inscribed by UNESCO on the world list as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, to promote integration and a culture of peace among Empaako Communities.
  • Developing tools for adapting cultural diversity into building a culture of peace and co-existence.
  • Implementing cultural activities that influence a culture of peace and co-existence.

The current and Potential Strategic Partners

  • UNESCO – International Fund for promotion of Culture.
  • International Coalition of NGOs for Peace.
  • University of Peace.
  • Institute for Conflict Resolution.
  • International Centre for Conflict resolution.

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