Culture and Gender Programme Area

“Title holders of Woman Achiever Award (Koogere) which was introduced by Engabu za Tooro to reconstruct ancient heroism in gender programming” and use it to inspire contemporary development.

Programme goal:

Using Culture to promote gender rights and women participation and inclusion.

Programme Actions

Using Koogere Oral Tradition (a rich oral tradition built around a heroine and is Inscribed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity) to promote women participation in leadership and entrepreneurship through training, mentorship, competitions, Awards, exchanges and symbolism.

Permanent Project under this programme Area.

(i) Biannual Koogere Festival and Woman Achiever of the year Award

This is a biannual festival and woman achiever of the year award which is a climax of competitions and all activities of the programme, and features cultural and economic exhibitions, contests, and seminars and massively attracts participation of people of all walks of life. The contest is exclusively for grassroots women who compete around activities demonstrating breaking traditional barriers to women leadership, entrepreneurship
and inclusion. Families, clans and cultural communities rally behind different contestants and end up as a protracted mass contest, generating mass awareness and attitude change on gender issues. The title holder becomes celebrity and symbol of grassroots women resilience and competitive achievement and undertakes mobilization activities to inspire communities, especially during the two years tenure as title holder.

Key performance indicators for the festival

  • Gross amount of solicited contribution in monetary terms per festival.
  • Total number of activity participants per festival.
  • Estimated total number of people that attend the events.

The current and Potential Strategic Partners

  • UN Woman – Gender Equality Fund
  • Association of Women in Development (AWID)
  • Soroptimist International
  • Australian Women Donor Network
  • We effect
  • Filia de Frawenstiftung
  • WDN Pitch Forum
  • Ford Foundation.

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