Culture and Environment programme Area

Programme Goal

Using culture consciousness of the people to promote environmental sustainability.

Programme Actions

  • Research and documentation on linkage and relationship between
  • Cultural Heritage and Physical Environment.
  • Development of “Koogere Memorial Forest” as a physical demonstration of a point where culture and environment meet.
  • The memorial forest attracts environmental activities like tree nursery beds, nature walks, collection of unique and endangered plants species, collection of plants that form materials where cultural tools, handcraft and artifacts are made combined with cultural activities including; Koogere trails, crafts
    making, performing arts, picnics and tourism.
  • Promotion of the traditional Empaako naming ceremonies and rituals (UNESCO inscribed element) which, among other things, involve tree planting for every newly born. The planting of a tree in ten Empaako cultural communities from western Uganda, Eastern DRC and Northern Tanzania traditionally symbolize the reality of life of a newly born, who grows jealously guarding the growth of the tree or planting alternatives and even when that person passes on at any age, the trees remain being jealously guarded by relatives to symbolize enduring legacy of the person whose life they symbolize.
  • Promotion of clan education where clans are represented by totems which are animals, insects or bird species and their existence is culturally protected since it is symbolizing endurance of the clans and consequently the people in their cultural contexts. 80{f330aa4e392b84489b2b5b4aeb698e357ddf2110c2f79a28a0de7f98b66b48ba} of Uganda’s indigenous communities believe in and practice a clan system.
  • Researching and documenting indigenous knowledge on environmental conservation.
  • Environmental conservation activities by cultural practitioners.
  • The established cultural school (training for professionalization of cultural services providers) to integrate environmental education because of their integral relationship.

The current and Potential Strategic Partners.

  1.  The Christensen Fund (TCF)
  2. Netherland Committee for the World Conservation Union.
  3. The conservation, Food and Health Foundation.
  4. Manos Unidus
  5. International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
  6. Grassroots International.
  7. Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO)
  8. Plan Conservation and Research Foundation.
  9. Terra Viva Grants Inc.
  10.  Arthur B.Schultz Foundation.

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